Friday, May 21, 2010

SDCA: Perfect 10 v Rapidshare: Preliminary Injunction Denied Against Filesharer Despite Specfic Knowledge of Infringements

In Perfect 10 v. Rapidshare (SDCA 09 CV 2596) May 18, 2010, the District Court denied a preliminary injunction against filesharing service provider.

I visited the company's website and watched the video here.   It looks like a service that would be helpful in our law practice - we are dealing with transmittal of larger and larger files and always interested in bringing down the cost and making it faster.

I couldn't tell from watching the video on the Rapidshare homepage with the nice German accents or reading the decision exactly how the peer-to-peer filesharing (ie accessing someone else's copyrighted works) might work.

But the judge found facts radically different from those in the Limewire case, an example of a a filesharing service that appears to be a pretty good citizen and a plaintiff who seeks to put the burden of policing its content onto a neutral third party.

Perfect 10 v Rapid Share: Denial of Preliminary Injunction of Filesharer Despite Specific Knowledge of Infr...

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