Friday, February 03, 2012

Hydrofracking Filmmaker Critical of Halliburton Arrested Trying To Protect NYC Drinking Water

Hyrdrofracking video embedded above

Filmmaker Josh Fox, creator of Gasland, was arrested while trying to film Congressional hearings on hydrofracking.   According to media accounts, Republican lawmakers lawlessly threw him out.

Hydrofracking is a toxic, pollutive process graphically illustrated in Gasland used to smash shale to release methane gas.  The problem is, methane gas pollutes drinking water - to the point it is so toxic you can't touch it and it will actually catch on fire.  Halliburton has so far kept the toxic cocktail of pollutants that it uses secret, with Congress's blessing.

Thirty-four states have soiled themselves in this way, and New York State is now poised, with President Obama's and Governor Cuomo's support, to destroy our water supply.

As Gasland explains, under the Bush Administration, VP Cheney got hydrofracking exempted from the Safe Water Act.

Currently, the EPA is not monitoring the safety of our drinking water - what traditionally was the EPA's core mission.

Gasland is probably the most important film I have seen in a decade.

Video of Josh Fox being arrested here

Buy Gasland here.

Sign antihydrofracking petition here (text below)

we petition the obama administration to:

Protect communities from the negative impacts of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and natural gas drilling.

Rapid development of fracking has overwhelmed communities with negative impacts: drinking water contamination, intense industrialization of farm and forest lands (with loss of habitat), polluted streams, heavy truck traffic and accidents on rural roads, even earthquakes from deep well injection of wastewater.

Hailed as an abundant bridge energy supply, shale gas drilling was exempted from provisions of major environmental laws, while we now know the supply is much less than previously thought.

We ask the Administration to protect our drinking water by restoring the protections of the Safe Drinking Water Act to natural gas drilling, to eliminate all other exemptions fracking enjoys, to prohibit drilling in national parks and highly sensitive lands and tightly restrict export of shale gas.
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