Thursday, May 13, 2010

Follow Copyright Litigation Blog on Twitter (and Thanks for the Retweets!)

You can follow the Copyright Litigation Blog on Twitter by clicking here.  If you don't have a Tweetdeck, get yourself one (free download), it makes reading tweets from twits like me as tweet as can be.  The Twitter name is @raydowd.

Thanks to folks like Clancco, IPMaven, CopyrightLaw, Montserratlj, BenSheffner, Yosie23, RonColeman, EricGoldman and many others for the retweets.

Checking the stats, Twitter is the highest referrer of traffic to this blog.

I still haven't figure out the etiquette of Twitter, how to use hashmarks (some nice guys on the Legal Blogging LinkedIn Group tried to explain).

It is amazing how many very smart and accomplished professionals are on Twitter.  Yes, there is a lot of stupidity, too.

Some tweeters are very useful and there are others who never tell me what the content is that they are pointing to, so I skip over it.   If you follow the right people, and program your Tweetdeck, you can keep up with a lot of things with a minimum investment of time.

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