Friday, July 23, 2010

Copyright Blogs: Top Copyright Blawgs - Justia

This week's ranking of top Copyright Blogs from Justia Blawg Directory:

1. IPKat (62)  Alexa 453,723
2. Recording Industry vs The People (153) Alexa 288,637
3. Plagiarism Today (188) Alexa 98,910
4. Likelihood of Confusion (233) Alexa 1,384,049
5. Chilling Effects Clearinghouse (235) Alexa 17,035
6. Copyright Litigation Blog (247) Alexa 632,947
7. Copyright Reform (310)  Alexa 11,832,939
8.  Chicago IP Litigation Blog (320) Alexa 2,053,979
9.  Ruling Imagination: Law and Creativity (338) Alexa 2,182,191
10.TechnoLlama (397) Alexa 961,095
11. Excess Copyright (522) 2,055,389
12.  Nolo Presents the Law in Plain English (558) Alexa 5,489,995
13.  Video Game Law Blog (565) Alexa 1,014,265
14.   Internet Cases (602) Alexa 952,632
15.   The Patry Copyright Blog (606) Alexa 1,656,580

The number in parentheses is the popularity of each site compared to all other Blawgs this week (by Justia).  I put the Alexa numbers next to each.

Justia's list has 64 Copyright Blogs.  Justia has an Alexa ranking of 11,293.  If Blogs don't self-identify as Copyright Blogs, they are not included.  According to Justia, the most popular Blawg is Above the Law, which has an Alexa ranking of 29,575.

According to the Alexa numbers, the EFF's Chilling Effects Clearinghouse is by far the most popular site, they really must have tremendous traffic, people are really interested in cease and desist letters.  I wrote a chapter in my Copyright Litigation Handbook that is devoted to cease and desist letters.  I think it may be the only comprehensive discussion of the first-to-file rule, problems arising from cease and desist letters, and the issue of declaratory judgment actions filed in response to cease and desist letters.

For more on Copyright Litigation Handbook (what West calls an "author-generated summary), go here.

For a list of top Intellectual Property Blawgs and an explanation of statistics, go here.

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