Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New York Times Finally Starts Reporting On Nazi Looted Art Stories

The New York Times has steadfastly ignored the Nazi-looted art scandals confronting U.S. Museums.  Finally, Robert Edsel, author of Monuments Men has finally broken through and gotten them to report something (even though the story was reported elsewhere long ago).  The link is below.
Better late than never, and let's just pretend that this is not an old story.  Now let's see if the Old Gray Lady will start covering the stories right under its nose that are not spoonfed by some fancy publicist.

If it takes a Texas Republican to get Michael Kimmelman to start paying attention to all of the artworks stolen from Jews that are in US museums, again I say Bravo, Edsel!

See my earlier posts about Amb. Stuart Eizenstat's efforts to set up a US Restitution Commission and Robert Edsel's remarkable publicity drive.

Abroad - 13th Linz Album of Hitler’s Returned to Germany -

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