Sunday, June 12, 2016

Copyright Society of the USA - Kickoff of Annual Meeting 2016 in Boston

I am on the Cross-Sound Ferry going from Orient Point, Long Island to New London CT on my way to Boston for the Annual Meeting of the Copyright Society of the USA to visit with copyright lawyers and copyright experts from around the country.

If you have an interest in copyright law, the Copyright Society is a great place to hear about cutting-edge issues in copyright practice.  The Copyright Office is usually very well represented and the Register of Copyrights usually speaks on issues facing the Copyright Office.  The Copyright Office is  part of the Library of Congress.  The Register plays a special role in advising on copyright policy and practices.

The Copyright Society has chapters around the country, but the New York Chapter has a tradition of being particularly strong and holds monthly lunches, usually at the Princeton Club, and usually on interesting topics and featuring speakers who are professionally involved in the matters they are discussing, or academics expert in the given topic.

If your firm is budgeting its bar association dollars and you have a strong interest in copyright law, the Copyright Society might be the place for you.

Hope to see you in Boston!
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