Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Top 20 Copyright Law Blogs of All Time?

According to Justia's Blawgsearch, the top 20 most popular Copyright Law Blawgs of all time:

1. IPKat
2. Plagiarism Today
3. Chilling Effects Clearinghouse
4. Recording Industry vs The People
5. Chicago IP Litigation Blog
6. Likelihood of Confusion
7. Copyfight
8. Copyright Litigation Blog
9. Copyhype
10. Technollama
11. Excess Copyright-
12. Internet Cases-
13. Ruling Imagination: Law and Creativity
14. Photo Attorney
15. Hearsay Culture
16. Case Clothesed For Fashion Law
17. eLegal Canton
18. Nolo Presents The Law in Plain English
19. Copyright Intellectual Property, Computer, Internet, E-Commerce Law
20. techblawg

I am surprised that Techdirt is not high on the list, Mike Masnick provides excellent coverage and lively commentary on copyright law, copyright legislation, international treaties and agreements that would affect copyright law and breaks a lot of news there.

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Anonymous said...

Huge difference between top 20 and top 20 most popular. HUGE DIFFERENCE.

LawProf said...

What makes something a "Copyright Law" blog? Presumably it ought to focus primarily on copyright law. "Likelihood of Confusion" is very clearly a Trademark Law blog, not a Copyright Law blog, and anyone with even a passing familiarity with IP would know that. "Hearsay Culture" appears to be about law in general, without any particular focus on copyright. Dubious inclusions.

Ray Dowd said...

I think that Justia permits bloggers to self -describe their own content. Ron Coleman of Likelihood of Confusion often covers copyright law topics. And I cover art law and trademarks. Many of us blog according to interest not necessarily sticking strictly to the label. I think Justia relies on pure traffic numbers not the quality of the posts. The ABA Blawg directory lists a ton of copyright blogs, I imagine many are generalist or even inactive.