Sunday, August 18, 2013

Raymond Dowd a Lawyer With an Unconventional Hero

Don Quixote after his battle with the cat - Gustave Dore

For family, friends, colleagues, judges and adversaries who have always known that I preferred to follow the impossible dreams that arise from reading too many books, an interview with me by Amelia Pang from Epoch Times Raymond Dowd a This is New York: Raymond Dowd a Lawyer With an Unconventional Hero.   Follow Amelia's thoughts on New York @ameliapang29.
 Copyright law, fine art and navigating the courts. All practice, no theory.Copyright Litigation Handbook (Thomson Reuters Westlaw 2012-2013) by Raymond J. Dowd
 Copyright Litigation Handbook on Westlaw

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps Don Quijote in an unconventional hero in Usa, but in Spain is a romantic, conventional one.