Monday, August 19, 2013

Is Our Federal Judiciary Being Dismantled by Congress?

Here is a video with testimony before the U.S. Senate of the Hon. Julia S. Gibbons, Federal Defender Michael Nachmanoff, and West Allen, Chair of the Government Relations Committee of the Federal Bar Association.  I serve with West Allen on the FBA's Government Relations Committee and have been part of the FBA's efforts to educate Congress on the impacts of sequestration on the administration of justice.   As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Gideon v. Wainwright, the U.S. Supreme Court case that interpreted the Fourteenth Amendment to oblige states to provide counsel to the indigent, making the right to counsel a reality for every American, Congress has, in implementing sequestration, defunded this constitutionally-obligated protection.  The reality is that if criminal trials get gummed up because the accused have no counsel, federal judges are not available to hear civil cases that impact justice for private individuals and corporations.  If justice is not prompt and available from U.S. courts, justice has been denied.  Leaving commercial and bankruptcy disputes in limbo negatively impacts American competitiveness by crippling business and investment.   If these issues are important to you, please consider joining the Federal Bar Association, the premier bar association for the federal practitioner.  Any American who cares about the administration of justice ought to watch this video.
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Unknown said...

I find it hard to believe that the courts are asking for more funding, deny abuse of the funding they currently receive, and falsely maintain that the current system is one that still manages to provide quality justice!

Criminal case 1:13-cr-10200-GAO in the USDC of Massachusetts is simulated. The entire record is a fraudulent mess. The orders never make it to the court’s recent order docket which is the master record of all the days orders by all sitting judges. I have all the daily recent orders dockets and collect them daily from the PACER System.

The staff of this court engaged in the identity theft of a US District Judge to unseal a few documents of the very secret docket in an attempt to humor the public. The order did not come from Judge O’Toole and he is probably not even aware the case is on his docket. Don't let his name being present in the properties of the PDF with the order fool you; this is a court staff computer PDF.

No defense attorney has made the required notice of appearance in the case. The transcript from the arraignment lacks the court stamp.

Documents supposedly by Judy Clarke who lives in California have come from the MA fed public defender office; Clarke is not a government employee!

The defendant cannot be found in federal custody with an inmate search; using known names and register number, the continual result since his transfer from BI Hospital has been NO INMATE FOUND.

Surely if all the events as told by the FBI really occurred we would not be playing pretend court!!

The Three Branches of Government are running a racketeering scheme and defrauding the American people. We no longer have three branches of federal government with checks and balances; we have one rogue government.

Ask the US Congress how the House HLS Committee managed to draft a Bill on 4/12/2013 that would address information sharing by the feds to to local authorities in anti-terrorism efforts and why the premise of that Bill continued to be the focus of “show” hearings that followed the Boston bombing on 4/15/2013 when there was no actual evidence that the older brother had become radicalized.

Ask Rep Keating why the so called “scathing” letter he wrote to Director Comey never made it in the Congressional record. Ask Rep Keating why there is no summary of his trip with a group of other Reps to Russia in the Congressional record.

Ask the US Congress why they have not acknowledged that the FBI was the actual crowd at Blast Site 2 and not this young Defendant in spite of being provided this information with material evidence to support the allegation.

Watch the FBI in action at Blast site 2 where they acted as pretend rescue, fake bloodied victims and moulage artist for the future propaganda pictures.

Our federal government is, in whole, a sham and these tax supported public servants are running a racketeering scheme.

In the Boston “bombing” matter they are colluding with the corrupt Massachusetts State government, the staff of the USDC of Massachusetts, and multiple private sector entities.

This country has families that are homeless and going without food. Our government continually provides dishonest service and continually wants more of our money to support it. The entire situation is shameful and unacceptable!!