Monday, August 12, 2013

Southern District of New York Chapter of the Federal Bar Association Wins Presidential Excellence Award

The Southern District of New York Chapter of the Federal Bar Association has been recognized by the Federal Bar Association as one of the nation's premier chapters.  The 2013 Chapter Activity Presidential Excellence Award will be presented at the Awards Luncheon at the FBA Annual Meeting and Convention in San Juan, Puerto Rico September 26-28. This award is a tribute to all of our members of the SDNY Chapter and a recognition of Chapter President Phil Schatz's leadership on behalf of efforts FBA members, our federal courts, and the public at large.

I hope to greet many SDNY Chapter members and members of other FBA Chapters around the country at the FBA annual meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico and share in the award, the wonderful CLE programs, and beautiful Puerto Rico. You can register here.
If you are an attorney licensed to practice law or a federal judge, please consider joining the Federal Bar Association.  In this time of sequestration, it is all the more important that your voice be heard on Capitol Hill.  If your law school does not have a student division yet, let us know and we will help you set one up.
Ray Dowd
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