Wednesday, August 21, 2013

7 Copyright Law Audio Downloads

Copyright Litigation Handbook author Ray Dowd’s acclaimed continuing legal education series on copyright law with West LegalEd Center is available for audio download on demand through West Legal Ed Center.  Follow the links below for more about each program.

Ethics and Intellectual Property: GPS For a New Media World, June 6, 2013
This interactive program pin-points ethical pitfalls lawyers need to know when tackling intellectual property issues, including those that have international dimensions. Dowd teams up with Alexandra Darraby, of the Art Law Firm, for this one hour informational to avoid missteps that can lead an attorney into areas that may open up liability for malpractice. If you work in the IP space, this dialogue of tips and how-to’s is for you.

Winning Before You Even Begin: Discovery & Pre-Trial Investigation in Copyright Litigation, February 20, 2013
This one hour CLE program features Ray Dowd, and Dunnington partner Luke McGrath. They provide you with an overview of the phase of copyright litigations from pleadings through the pre-trial order, giving practical strategic advice on how to apply the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in the copyright context.

Copyright Law 2012: The Year in Review, January 16, 2013
In this one hour program, we look at the past year's copyright cases decided by the circuit courts of appeals. Dowd describes their significance, and what the rulings could mean for you and your clients.

Copyright Litigation: Removal and Preemption, November 28, 2012
The Situation: a client storms in wanting a lawsuit filed over a copyright dispute. What court should it be filed in? Do the claims arise under the Copyright Act or are they really state law claims? If you are not sure, should your complaint plead lots of kitchen sink state law claims? Dowd walks the practitioner through some of the tactical and strategic choices that a litigator faces in understanding the interplay between the federal and state legal regimes. 

Cease and Desist Letters in Copyright Litigation: Pitfalls for Practitioners, October 17, 2012
The situation: a client wants a quick and dirty letter and doesn’t want to pay much for it or think too hard on it. Is this a recipe for a cost-effective settlement? Or will it snowball into a professional embarrassment, with the client getting hit with a lawsuit in an inconvenient forum? Dowd, a seasoned litigator, takes us through the ethical, tactical, and strategic considerations and choices to be considered before a practitioner sends a cease-and-desist letter. 

Copyright Litigation: Preparing the Complaint- Investigation, Analysis and Documentation, July 25, 2012
Dowd takes us through the pre-flight litigation checklist designed to avoid potential pitfalls that may arise before a copyright litigation is launched or when your client is sued. This course covers how to pick the right courthouse, analyze copyright terms, statutes of limitations, and how to get an idea of whether attorneys fees may be available.  

Ethics and Copyright Litigation: What the Practitioner Needs to Know, June 19, 2012
Dowd takes us through the ethical obligations that practitioners undertake in copyright litigation cases. Aside from harsh consequences to clients, attorneys can be sanctioned personally in copyright cases. What sort of investigation is necessary to avoid Rule 11 problems filing a lawsuit and to avoid dismissal of the lawsuit? Copyright litigation has exploded as the world has become digitized. This course will assist you in understanding how to avoid potential minefields.
 Copyright law, fine art and navigating the courts. All practice, no theory.Copyright Litigation Handbook (Thomson Reuters Westlaw 2012-2013) by Raymond J. Dowd
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