Monday, March 28, 2011

100 Most Influential Copyright Law Twitterers - Source Twitalyzer

What do Kevin Spacey @kevinspacey, "Thought Leader" Chelsea Handler @ChelseaHandler, Shaq @the_real_shaq, a copyright librarian from Minnesota @CopyrightLibn and I have in common? We are all on Twitalyzer's top influencer list. @raydowd shows up at number 64, you can see the lists by viewing the image files below.

Note @mgeist at number 20 -very influential Canadian copyright law professor Michael Geist who is opposed to ACTA.   Almost 13K followers on Twitter!   According to Twitalyzer, he has zero engagement and is on over 1,200 lists.

I am heartened to see that @lupefuentesxxx has more influence, impact, velocity and clout in copyright law than I do, but that Twitalyzer ranks me as being more generous.

0.3% Influence
0.6% Impact
50.0% Engagement
4.5% Velocity
23.5% Generosity
100.0% Signal
1.2% Clout
99 Following
36 Lists

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