Sunday, June 20, 2010

Indiana Jones in the Legal Profession: Cultural Property Law - American Society of International Law

When archaeologists go into the legal profession, they emerge pursuing cases that the rest of only dream about.  If you have an interest in litigating over pirate booty and Cambodian buddhas while coming up with solutions to international terrorism, while pursuing Nazis as terrorists are chasing you, then this is the practice area for you.

Cultural Heritage & Arts Review Here!

The American Society of International Law Interest Group on Cultural Heritage & Arts has released the first issue of the new Cultural Heritage & Arts Review: If you open the attachment in Acrobat Reader, you can access a Table of Contents that allows hyperlink to the articles by clicking on "View" then "Navigation Panels" and then "Bookmarks." The Review also available in the "Group Documents" section of the Interest Group home page.

A limited high quality print edition of this publication will be available soon, at a discounted rate for Members. Please contact Jennifer Kreder at or Christian DeFrancia at if you would like to place an order for a print version.

We are recruiting for editors and writers for the next issue, to be published in the Fall. Please contact us if interested. If you have not yet joined ASIL or the Interest Group, please do so at

For those seeking audio of the recent panel about the proposed U.S. Nazi-looted Art Commission, it is available here: (scroll down to Friday panels).

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