Friday, June 11, 2010

Austria Returns Stolen and Extorted Altar Panels to Jewish Heir

According to the article linked below, Austria's Provenance Commission has recommended the return of artwork stolen by the Nazis, but then blocked in Austria by a post-War export ban.  After World War II, Austrian museums used the export ban to systematically extort Jews of their property.

Today, American museums that hold property stolen from Jews systematically extort them in one-sided "settlements" wrapped in great confidentiality, and bury the research to conceal the wrongdoing of the museum's former trustees and employees.   History will view this practice of systematic extortion by the members of the American Association of Museums with the same horror that we view the post-War extortion practices of the Austrian museums.

Austria also let the Leopold Museum keep an extorted work on the false pretext that the government of Austria doesn't own the Leopold Museum, so a law covering "federal museums" doesn't cover it.   This is a scandalous lie, since the government of Austria purchased Leopold's collection and will assume complete control of it on the death of Leopold and his wife.

Leopold brought the stolen Schiele Portrait of Wally into the United States and is supposed to stand trial this summer on the issue of whether or not he knew it was stolen when he brought it here.

Austria Urges Return of Altar Panels to Jewish Heir (Update1)

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Private Investigator in Dorado Hills said...

In first paragraph you said that Nazis steal the artwork, Is she belongs to Amarica?
Well, I appreciate the decision of Amarical museum who returns the stolen property to Jewish without any desire.