Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Removal, Remand and Preemption

There are few procedural maneuvers in the practice of law so satisfying as removal.   "Removal" means simply filing a notice with a state court that the matter is being removed to state court.  Removal is authorized by 28 USC 1441(a).  

Removal is appropriate under certain circumstances where the federal district could had original jurisdiction.   If you don't like being removed, the remedy is a motion to remand.

The above video is a great introduction to the topic.

In copyright law, the complete preemption doctrine is said to apply.

Chapter 10 of Copyright Litigation Handbook:  Removal From State Court and Preemption deals with these topics in the unique context of this interplay of state/federal jurisdictions and the Copyright Act.

If you want to remove, you have to act very very quickly, the usual deadlines don't apply and by the time you've thought things through, it may be too late.

More on the Law of Avatars and preemption here.
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