Sunday, July 18, 2010

First Amendment: The Obscenity of Wasting Taxpayer Money By Chasing Milkmaids Instead of Criminals

The National Law Journal reports here that a rare obscenity trial was thrown out against porn producer John Stagliano a/k/a "Buttman".  A federal agent went online and purchased "Jay Sin's Milk Nymphos" among other choice titles.

Robert Corn-Revere was on the defense team.  Years ago Bob participated in a CLE panel I organized on The Trials of Lenny Bruce, a great book (with sound recordings on CD).  Bob was also part of a successful petition to posthumously pardon Lenny Bruce.  Some more on Lenny Bruce here.

Lenny Bruce thought that war, not sex, was obscene.  Funny how the more money the government flushes down the toilet on useless and unwinnable foreign wars, the more it attacks people for engaging in or watching sex.

Try chasing Osama Bin Laden instead of wasting taxpayer money on chasing imaginary Milk Nymphos.  Human trafficking, sexual exploitation of children, and the health safety and welfare of those exploited in the sex trade should be much higher on law enforcement priorities.

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