Friday, July 09, 2010

Fair Use Fridays: Naked Nazi Disney Characters in Poland

Fine artists are always pushing the envelope.  This is a large advertisement for an art gallery's poster exhibition in Poland.   It uses a trademarked/copyrighted Disney character/logo and a Swastika that is an ancient religious symbol that when combined with red and black became the symbol of the Nazi Reich.

In a number of countries, display of Nazi/fascist materials is outlawed.   According to Orange News story Row over Nazi naked Minnie Mouse, this advertisement for a fine art gallery was recently hung on the side of a building in Poland near a synagogue.

The use of trademarks and logos in fine art raises the issue of the limits of the power of a trademark owner to control commentary, criticism, and the commercialization of art-related multiples.  Combine that with hate speech, a traumatized minority population and intolerant politics advocating mass murder and it is a troubling, toxic brew.
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