Sunday, July 18, 2010

Copyright Litigation Blog In Top 20 Most Popular Intellectual Property Law Blogs - Justia

This week's list of the most popular IP Law Blogs from Justia's BlawgSearch.

The number in parentheses is the ranking, in Blawg popularity, Justia has assigned.  So Patent Docs is 39th in popularity among all Blawgs tracked by Justia.  The Alexa number is adjusted daily and an indicator of the blog's popularity compared to all websites in the world, this is from the service Alexa.

1.  Patent Docs (39)  Alexa 676,831
2.  IPKat (58)Alexa  435,277
3. Patently-O (59)Alexa  212,812
4. IPBiz (87)Alexa 1,851,345
5.  The University of Chicago Law School (131)Alexa 373,013
6. US Law Watch (164) (BNA)Alexa 5,991,713
7.  Law & Disorder (166)Alexa  2,029 (Ars Technica)
8.  Plagiarism Today (171)Alexa 102,089
9.  The TTAB Blog (185)Alexa 1,045,360
10 The Journal of The Business Law (203) (Illinois Business)Alexa 3,559
11. Recording Industry vs The People (217)Alexa 313,989
12.  Copyright Litigation Blog (221)Alexa 702,533
13.  ITC 337 Law Blog (230)Alexa 1,328,726
14. IP Thinktank (233)   Alexa 401,451
15.  IPWatchdog (234)  Alexa 80,792
16.  Philip Brooks' Patent Infringement (240) Alexa 3,035,653
17.  The Trademark Blog (255)  Alexa 310,211
18.  43(B) Blog (262)  Alexa 797,491
19.  Orange Book Blog (267) Alexa 2,360,924
20.  Likelihood of Confusion (271)  Alexa 1,485,098

On May 28, 2010 Copyright Litigation blog came in at number 28 in popularity among IP Law Blawgs and number 311 among Blawgs.   This week, from a view of Justia's Blawg Directory, Copyright Litigation Blog is at number 12 in popularity among IP Law Blawgs and number 221 among Blawgs.

These statistics vary from week to week, and the Alexa stats give an indication that a not-so-popular blog might have a good week, and vice versa.  It is interesting to see that Patent Blawgs rank so high, Trademark Blawgs proliferate, but very few Copyright Blawgs in the popularity mix.

Note that Ben Sheffner's popular Copyrights & Campaigns is at Alexa No 640,214, but is not included in Justia's rankings, probably because he didn't list the blog with Justia under the Intellectual Property category.

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Ron Coleman said...

Hm, interesting. Congratulations! As for me, I don't think I've ever been on this list before. Maybe I just never looked. Just for the record, though -- as you know I cover quite a bit of copyright law on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®, notwithstanding the title.

Ray Dowd said...

Ron - You are more famous than you know! I didn't mean to slight you, many blogs such as IPKat cover a lot of copyright ground. Ray

Ron Coleman said...

Well, maybe, maybe. I wish there were a way to know!