Sunday, February 22, 2015

This Thursday! Looting and the Plunder of Cultural Heritage at the National Arts Club - NYC

Girl With Black Hair (Egon Schiele 1911) - Stolen From Fritz Grunbaum, Now at Oberlin College

Thanks to the Archaeology Committee of the National Arts Club, I will be speaking at this wonderful event on Thursday with two esteemed colleagues, I hope that you will brave the weather to attend!  Free and open to the public.


Looting and the Plunder of Cultural Heritage

Thursday, February 26
6:15 PM
Looting is one of the major problems encountered throughout the art world.   We present a panel composed of three eminent attorneys discussing this topic from a variety of perspectives. They include Professor Lucille A. Roussin of the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Colonel Matthew Bogdanos of the New York District Attorney’s Office, and National Arts Club Board member Raymond Dowd.   Treated will be the unique problems faced by source nations in reclaiming their glorious treasures, the United Nations 1970 Convention governing ownership of excavated finds, determination of provenance when required information remains lacking, Holocaust restitution in relationship to the international arena in which politics often intervene, continuing cultural catastrophe represented by the illegal trade in purloined artifacts which fund terrorism and support ISIS, and whether or not excessive tax breaks accorded to individuals donating stolen antiquities without any meaningful oversight be necessarily warranted.   
   The question of looting, its concomitant consequences, and oftentimes difficult resolution are complex.   Join us and become enlightened about these subjects with a better understanding of the diverse issues involved. 

A reception will follow at 7:30, at which “Thieves of Baghdad” by Colonel Bogdanos will be available for purchase.
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Looting and the Plunder of Cultural Heritage
Thursday, February 26, 2015 6:15 PM
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