Thursday, April 07, 2011

ListLust - Twitter Lists Following Copyright Litigation Blog

There are a lot of interesting Twitter lists.   A Twitter list is interesting because you are interested in the person who compiles the list and what they like, because you find the topic of the list interesting, or both.   Compiled below by Twitter address, then by topic if they are listed.  

The essential tutorial on how to use Twitter lists by Mashable here.   Twitter lists are great for lurkers, since you don't have to follow.

Copyright Litigation Blog listers who follow @raydowd are clearly a discerning group - check out the lists following Copyright Litigation Blog, and thanks for the listings!


Folks that tweet about journalism, media, and Amendment 


This is a random list of critics, bloggers, artists and media that tweet about art.

@sawagner30/business @AICPA_Fans_Page/laws

Related to Laws besides business law


Tweeps/followers who are into business and other professions (besides accounting) @IPblawger/i-p-lawyers

Intellectual Property Lawyers on Twitter

@aaron_ef/ip-attorneys @WardblawG/people-i-talk-to

A self-updating lists of people I have recently talked to (generated by @formulists)

@rgauss/rgauss-copyright @neild1/copyright @njAtty/attorneys @IP360Asia/us-canada2 @DoubleOkawari/c @mjmartell/esq



I drew a depiction of Christ in 1979. It was stolen from me and is currently being sold by @Maurism1/derecho @lods1211/ip-it-law

Copyright, Internet/Cyber Law, Media & Entertainment Law, Defamation

@Borty/lawyers @LegalEyeGirl/lawyers-legalbiz-network

Loving the Law and LegalNews-Fighting for Justice-Staying Informed

@HarvardLaw74/ip-attorneys @IPLawToday/hollywood-law

Legal Developments in Hollywood

@mmasnick/news @ballard_ip/intellectual-property

US intellectual property law practitioners who limit their personal tweets

@ksuzan/attorneys @mridgwayjones/ip

Intellectual Property


Attorneys and others who are doing their part to share information to the legal industry

@steve_jacobs/ip-law @Lumpy/podcasters-broadcasters

Anyone who produces Audio and/or Video content.

@davidsanger/photography-law @GlennEsq/law-blogs

a List of Law-related blogs I recommend

@GoetzFitz/interesting-lawyers @adamflores/law

Open source, intellectual property, art and new media.

@RobertAPaul/law @RobertAPaul/intellectual-property @sulilaw/legal @ernieattorney/lawdawgs @ARTnewsmag/artsorgs @asilverstein/ip

Intellectual Property

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