Friday, April 22, 2011

Fair Use Fridays: Richard Prince Redux: Can Appropriation Art Be Stolen? Or De-Appropriated With An Eraser?

Gregorg is calling his lawyer because someone is stealing his Richard Prince appropriation.

More on Richard Prince and Appropriation art here and here. 

Cat Weaver's Garden Sans Cariou.  Stealing the stolen stuff out of a thief's misappropriation?   Full story on Hyperallergic here.  

My take on Cariou v Prince here and here.
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Anonymous said...

The Mark Billy piece is less than awe-inspiring: It also indicates that his role reversal (he wanted to be Cariou but realizes that he's Prince) is a little less than sincere.

This is supported by the fact that he seems to be friends with Joy Garnett. Who wrote an article that's about as bad as those youtube educational videos (I agree, those are not helping anybody):

The Cat Weaver image is much more interesting, but also obviously generated for producing criticism...I doubt she's going to be contacting you any time for a license. Should an artist (say, who is actually represented by a major gallery) choose to follow her lead I think they'd hear from Prince's and Gagosian's attorney fairly quickly.