Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Copyright Society of the USA's Brace Lecture Honors Judge Denny Chin

Judge Denny Chin - Photo Sue Kim Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Local hero Second Circuit Judge Denny Chin was honored last night by the Copyright Society of the USA at their annual Brace Lecture at Fordham Law School.   Judge Chin's presentation was enjoyable and laden with visuals.   He emphasized the message that most federal judges are generalists and do not hold policy prejudices about copyright, which makes the primary role of the advocates before the court as educators.

Judge Chin made limited comments about the Google Books case, and took the audience on a fascinating tour of his copyright cases, with a few detours into patent and trademark.

It was a great opportunity to meet and talk with Judge Chin and to see many friends who came in from around the world for this terrific annual lecture.

The Copyright Society has a new Twitter handle @thecsusa

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