Thursday, November 03, 2011

Copyright Legislation: Petition to Stop E-Parasite Act Tops 8k In Signatures

Mike Masnick of Techdirt points out an excellent C-Net article criticizing the House version of the Protect-IP Act (the E-Parasite Act).

It is astonishing that both houses of Congress appear to be highly motivated to pass this radical and sweeping legislation that appears to be designed to shut down the one bright spot in the American economy: the internet.   Hollywood is seeking powers that would render the U.S. version of the internet much like the Chinese censorship-driven model.

This is important legislation.  It ought to be watched carefully and opposed by anyone sensible.

To sign on to a petition to stop this legislation, go here, more information at Mashable.

The language of the petition below:

we petition the obama administration to:

Stop the E-PARASITE Act.

This Bill would allow essentially allow A Great Firewall of America and would be a shameful desecration of free speech and any sort of reasonable copyright law. The new Law would allow copyright holders to force websites which have any copyrighted material to be blocked by ISP companies around the country, without requiring that the websites be given time to take the offending material down. It would also put pressure on ISP companies to monitor their users like never before, a gross invasion of privacy. This bill is a direct assault on a free internet and a shameful attempt by copyright lobbyists to destroy net neutrality. Essentially it's a censorship law that would end the internet as we know it in America.

Created: Oct 31, 2011

Issues: Civil Rights and Liberties, Government Reform, Regulatory Reform

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