Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Copyright Act and the First Sale Doctrine - SCOTUS to hear Costco-Swatch copyright case | Reuters

I wrote about the Costco-Swatch case here.   It involved a manufacturer of Swiss OMEGA watches authorizing a sale in a foreign country.  The foreign authorized seller sold genuine watches to a person who then imported them into the US and sold them at Costco.

It is significant that the U.S. Supreme Court has taken on this issue of great importance to international trade. From Reuters:

U.S. top court to hear Costco-Swatch copyright case Reuters

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Martin Novar said...

If the first sale doctrine does not apply to copyrighted works bought legally from an authorized distributor abroad, doesn't that mean any tourist who sells his watch bought in Switzerland, or CD bought in Britian, or Lamoges bought in France, can be sued for copyright infringement ?