Sunday, December 04, 2011

Top Copyright Blogs: Copyhype, Supporter of Stop Online Privacy Act Makes AmLaw 100

 Congratulations to Terry Hart for making the 2011 AmLaw Annual Blawg 100 for Copyhype.   Copyhype follows a line of thinking promoted by Ben Sheffner's excellent Copyrights & Campaigns.

That means a point of view in the Copyright Wars that espouses the view that copyright owners need more enforcement tools, that copyright law should be strengthened, and that is highly skeptical of the fair use doctrine.   For example, Copyhype supports the Stop Online Piracy Act, my personal views on the legislation here.

Steve Colbert on SOPA below (thanks Brandgeek)

CNET reports here that Yahoo has quit the U.S. Chamber of Commerce because of its support for SOPA and that Google and others are considering suit.  Essentially SOPA would hand over tremendous power to a few media oligopolies that could shut down many promising Silicon Valley companies on a whim and discourage innnovation. Techdirt's view here and here.

For more Colbert, Danny Goldberg and Jonathan Zittrain on SOPA, visit Brandgeek here.

Petition to kill the E-Parasites Act received 48,151 signatures, exceeding the 25,000 goal.
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