Wednesday, July 13, 2011

51 Twitter Lists Following Copyright Litigation Blog @raydowd

Lists following @raydowd

@unyil_13/photography @TriangleTM_Esq/admktinglaw

Advertising, marketing, trademark, copyright law @TriangleTM_Esq/ip-lawyers @cyberpunknews/enemies-of-a-happy-net @CPA_Fans_Page/dailycheckacctgusa

Related mostly with financial/accounting/tax in USA, and have to check on a daily basis.

@revjaydub/copyright-law @GryphonLtd/international-law @GryphonLtd/litigation @GryphonLtd/fraud-lawyers @AdrianLurssen/jdsupra-lawyers-firms

Lawyers, law firms, and legal professionals distributing content on the @JDSupra network.


copyright and trademark tweeting


tweeting lawyers


bloggers who tweet

@joygarnett/arty-world-2 @CPA_Fans_Page/accountingnews

Accounting Related News


Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and other accounting designations @joygarnett/copyfog @theglipper/first-amendment-media

Folks that tweet about journalism, media, and Amendment 1.


This is a random list of critics, bloggers, artists and media that tweet about art.

@sawagner30/business-media @CPA_Fans_Page/businessinfo1-21

Tweeps/followers who are into business and other professions @IPblawger/i-p-lawyers

Intellectual Property Lawyers on Twitter

@aaron_ef/ip-attorneys @rgauss/rgauss-copyright @neild1/copyright @njAtty/attorneys @IP360Asia/us-canada2 @mjmartell/esq



I drew a depiction of Christ in 1979. It was stolen from me and is currently being sold by @Maurism1/derecho @lods1211/ip-it-law

Copyright, Internet/Cyber Law, Media & Entertainment Law, Defamation

@Borty/lawyers @LegalEyeGirl/lawyers-legalbiz-network

Loving the Law and LegalNews-Fighting for Justice-Staying Informed

@HarvardLaw74/ip-attorneys @IPLawToday/hollywood-law

Legal Developments in Hollywood

@mmasnick/news @ballard_ip/intellectual-property

US intellectual property law practitioners who limit their personal tweets

@ksuzan/attorneys @mridgwayjones/ip

Intellectual Property


Attorneys and others who are doing their part to share information to the legal industry

@steve_jacobs/ip-law @Lumpy/podcasters-broadcasters

Anyone who produces Audio and/or Video content.

@davidsanger/photography-law @GlennEsq/law-blogs

a List of Law-related blogs I recommend

@GoetzFitz/interesting-lawyers @RobertAPaul/law @RobertAPaul/intellectual-property @sulilaw/legal @ernieattorney/lawdawgs @ARTnewsmag/artsorgs @asilverstein/ip

Intellectual Property
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