Monday, September 20, 2010

A Thief Cannot Pass Good Title: Research Tips on West Reference Attorney Blog

How does one research a Nazi art looting case?

Coverage of the Bakalar v. Vavra case and interview with me in the wake of my victory for the heirs of Fritz Grunbaum at the Second Circuit at the West Reference Attorney Blog under the heading "A Thief Cannot Pass Good Title" here.

I met a number of West Reference Attorneys when I took a tour of the West HQ and printing plant in Eagan, MN.  They are a great group, check out their blog for the latest topics in legal research/news.

 More on Fritz Grunbaum and the theft of artworks from him when he was in the Dachau concentration camp here.

For a translation of the Second Circuit's Bakalar v. Vavra decision into German, go here.

Purchase Copyright Litigation Handbook from West here  

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