Saturday, September 18, 2010

Copyright and Fine Art: Rave Reviews at New York County Lawyers' Association

Corot's Portrait of a Girl

Last week I gave a three-hour CLE program at New York County Lawyers' Association on Copyright and Fine Art, together with the Hon. Stephen G. Crane of JAMS who acted as moderator:

Some nice words from NYCLA's Executive Director Bari Chase:

We just compiled the comments from Tuesday’s program and as you can see you got rave reviews.

“Speaker knew exactly what he was talking about. Very good job!”

“Loved it. Wonderful. Very interesting. (Please consider holding another art law symposium, too)”

“It was really interesting—pleasantly surprised”

“Perhaps the best seminar I’ve attended at NYCLA”

“The information was very interesting, and the speaker was clear, dynamic, and knowledgeable”

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