Thursday, August 26, 2010

NY Times Endorses Eric Schneiderman for NY AG

The race for New York's Attorney General is an important one.  Eric Schneiderman is by far the outstanding candidate in the race, and his endorsement by the New York Times is a real stamp of approval.   His fundraising efforts are bearing fruit and his is moving towards the September 14 primary as the "man to beat".

Former Republican Kathleen Rice, a prosecutor from Nassau County, is also in the race.  According to Newsday, Rice didn't vote for 18 years.   According to Rice, as reported by NY 1:

"It was a mistake, and I readily admit that,” said Rice. “And I spend a lot of my time now speaking to young people and encouraging them not to make the same mistake I did."

A Rice spokesman later added that, until now, the candidate actually never brought up her own personal voting story in those speeches. Although it was the mistake of not voting that has encouraged her to speak to students about the importance of heading to the polls.

How does one "mistakenly" not vote for 18 years?

According to NY 1, Rice registered as a Republican in 1984. For some of us, watching who gains the support of Sheldon Silver is an important determinant in voting.  Rice has the backing of Sheldon Silver's law firm Weitz & Luxenburg, who according to the New York Times is "pouring money into the campaign" of Rice (Weitz accounted for 12% of Rice's total donations).   And when one sees "Republican" and "Nassau County" in someone's resume, one can't help question whether New York's greatest kingmaker, former Sen Al D'Amato, had a hand in the pick.  Was D'Amato's getting to pick Rice the price of D'Amato's support of Andrew Cuomo in the gubernatorial race?  According to Newsday, D'Amato attended a Rice fundraiser and has thrown his backing behind Cuomo.

The last thing New York needs is for its Attorney General to be a puppet of Sheldon Silver.  Here is one reason why those who are skeptical of putting the AG's office into Silver's hands should turn out in droves to support Schneiderman.   In the last redistricting battle, Sheldon Silver took Schneiderman's Upper West Side district away from him.  Redistricting is the ultimate Albany battle, where kingmaker Silver rewards friends and punishes enemies.

Silver redistricted Schneiderman into Washington Heights, confident that Schneiderman would be defeated in the coming election.   To his credit, Schniederman fought back, ran an effective grassroots campaign and crushed his adversary.

Albany is a cesspool.  But Schneiderman, today still serving as State Senator bucked the trend, heading a committee that pushed the expulsion of Hiram Monserrate.

Eric Schneiderman deserves our support. Contribute to the Schneiderman campaign here.

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