Sunday, August 15, 2010

Copyright Law: Copyright Litigation Handbook 2010 Now Shipping

My publisher West has informed me that Copyright Litigation Handbook 2010 is now being shipped.  This year there's been a tremendous number of developments in copyright law, dealing with the Copyright Office, and the relevant Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and keeping up has been a tremendous task.

The Copyright Litigation Handbook 2010 contains a full text of the Copyright Act 17 USC 101 et seq, the Copyright Act of 1909, the Federal Rules of Evidence and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.   That means that it's a quick and easy desk reference.  It contains checklists, forms and updated case citations.

Unlike other books on copyright law, the Copyright Litigation Handbook aims to help copyright law practitioners figure out how to deal with the unique procedures arising from handling a copyright case, from pre-and post-litigation interactions with the Copyright Office through handling every aspect of a litigation that may arise in dealing with the federal courts.  It will help both beginners and experts.

No other book out there tries to help you figure out how to get these problems resolved in a practical way.

Since the first version of Copyright Litigation Handbook was published in 2006, the content has expanded over 60%, reflecting the addition of new chapters, new sections and expanded case coverage.   The Copyright Litigation Handbook is designed for attorneys who must navigate the issues from the first client interview, through a trial and final appeal. 

You can find a detailed summary of Copyright Litigation Handbook's contents here.  For some more information on me from the West Expert Directory, check here.

Practitioners who subscribe to Westlaw can access Copyright Litigation Handbook through the database COPYLITIG.   If your law firm has the All Intellectual Property Analytical Database on Westlaw, COPYLITIG is included.  More information on the scope of COPYLITIG here.

I believe that law students get free subscriptions as part of a student account at law school.  For student discounts, copyright law professors and law librarians please contact your West rep.

Here are some of the reviews for Copyright Litigation Handbook:

5.0 out of 5 stars A great resource, October 8, 2009  By Joseph Petersen - Kilpatrick Stockton

Raymond J. Dowd, an experienced trial lawyer and partner with Dunnington, Bartholow & Miller LLP, has written a long-overdue work. His Copyright Litigation Handbook provides a straightforward overview and is chockablock with insightful and practical information. Mr. Dowd is liberal in his inclusion of excerpts from relevant statutes, including not only the Copyright Act, but also the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Federal Rules of Evidence, and his book provides numerous sample forms. Mr. Dowd's Copyright Litigation Handbook will long be a valuable resource for copyright litigators; I am confident that it will be squeezed into trial bags for years to come.

Joseph Petersen, Kilpatrick Stockton LLP  -5.0 out of 5 stars Copyright Litigation Handbook

By Corey Field (Los Angeles, CA)

I have read this entire book. It is extraordinary for more reasons than I have space here to enumerate. It is a book about copyright law for litigators, and it is at the same time a book about litigation for copyright lawyers. It is written for a broad audience of attorneys whose practice may touch upon copyright law, but it is also a great practice overview for an experienced copyright lawyer. It is organized in a logical way proceeding from case evaluation through trial. Throughout, it offers nuggets of advice that are extremely valuable - the sort of experienced advice that makes a huge difference in the development of one's legal abilities.

Corey Field, Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll, LLP

By David Wolfsohn:

Until Raymond Dowd wrote this book, there simply was no litigation-friendly guide to copyright litigation. Thank goodness Mr. Dowd chose to devote the equivalent of several years of time and effort to write this book, and to update it with this 2009 edition. This is the book that both occasional dabblers in copyright should go to first (which I wish I had when I started out), as well as now-experienced copyright litigators like me. It is the book I go to first when drafting a complaint (or even when deciding whether to sue), and consult when beginning to prepare for trial. Everything is litigation oriented, so one doesn't need to wade through abstract theorizing to get a sense for how you can use the current state of the case law to your client's advantage. The forms for a complaint and other litigation papers are particularly useful. And the ideas for motions in limine are priceless, and as far as I know, a unique feature of this book. --

David Wolfsohn, Woodcock Washburn LLP.

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Ron Coleman said...

Ray, congratulations! I just ordered mine. I think Amazon only has one left now. (That's why I didn't order six -- not fair to everyone else.)

I will keep this right on the desk. It's exactly what I've been looking for. Soon I'll be able to stop faking being a copyright litigator!

Ray Dowd said...

Ron - You are well-known as a premier copyright litigator and I enjoy your Likelihood of Confusion Blog, I appreciate the kind words!