Sunday, August 30, 2009

Free CLE - IP Colloquium on Fair Use and Shepard Fairey v. Associated Press

Prof. Doug Lichtman has put together another excellent program at the IP Colloquium. This program interviews players in the case Shepard Fairey v. Associated Press (attorney Mark Lemley for Shepard Fairey and attorney Dale Cendali for the Associated Press). Ken Richieri, GC of the New York Times comes in with an interesting take on the controversy. I wrote about the case here.

The case is pending in the Southern District of New York before Judge Alvin Hellerstein. The latest news from the docket sheet (as of August 14, 2009) is that photographer Mannie Garcia is claiming ownership of the photograph, and both Fairey and Associated Press are counterclaiming against Garcia.

The image you see here is of Paul Newell, a candidate endorsed by the New York Times in his race against Speaker of the Assembly Sheldon Silver that took place on New York's Lower East Side.

Newell, deemed "the quintessential anti-establishment democrat" by the Times garnered a respectable 24% of the vote where the incumbent spent over $800,000 to keep his seat.

I think that the IP Colloquium perhaps underplayed the whole political aspect of the expression involved and the role that core political speech plays in our jurisprudence, at least for Fairey's activities up until the election. But the arguments are interesting and for those interested in copyright issues, political speech and artistic freedom, the case opens up a very tasty can of worms.

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