Sunday, October 08, 2006

Copyright Litigation Handbook - Summary of Contents

My new book: Copyright Litigation Handbook covers the following topics:

Ch 1. Copyright Law: A Litigation Perspective
Ch 2. The Client Interview and Initial Investigation
Ch 3. The Copyright Office: A Litigation Perspective
Ch 4. Calculating Dates Prior To Commencing Litigation
Ch 5. Cease and Desist Letters and Declaratory Judgment Actions
Ch 6. Drafting the Infringement Complaint
Ch 7. Copyright Ownership and Licensing Litigation
Ch 8. Motions Attacking the Complaint
Ch 9. Removal from State Court and Preemption
Ch 10. Class Actions
Ch 11. Injunctions and Seizures
Ch 12. Answers and Defenses
Ch 13. Discovery
Ch 14. Evidence and Experts
Ch 15. Jury Instructions
Ch 16. Damages and Profits
Ch 17. Costs and Attorneys Fees

The appendices include the Copyright Act, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Federal Rules of Evidence and a number of forms. It's a paperback meant to be kept deskside or tossed in a briefcase to bring to the courtroom or conference room as a quick reference for client counseling or finding answers for the litigator under time pressure.

When ordering it here, please use Offer number 523571.

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