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Join Us For A Webcast: Art and the Spoils of War Doctrine: Lessons From The Temple of Ishtar

Join us on April 9, 2018 for a live Continuing Legal Education webcast of  the story of how the ownership of an Assyrian gold tablet excavated in 1913 from the Temple of Ishtar ended up before New York’s Court of Appeals. In an image-packed presentation, New York attorney Ray Dowd will narrate the exciting sequence of events leading to his successful retrieval of the tablet on behalf of Germany’s Pergamon Museum. Learn about how this landmark case affects lovers of art and antiquities in New York and beyond. Learn how Abraham Lincoln’s Civil War-era Lieber Code rejecting of the spoils of war doctrine shapes our law today. Attendees will obtain a refresher on the basics of conversion and replevin claims in the context of a unique chattel, as well as considering the application of the equitable doctrine of laches in the context of disputes arising from alleged wrongs that may have occurred decades or even centuries in the past.

New York Court of Appeals' decision in Matter of Flamenbaum, 22 NY3d 962 (2013).
Watch the October 15, 2013 argument at the Court of Appeals here.

Some coverage: Estate Failed to Prove Museum’s Laches on Claim to a 3,000 Year Old Archeological Artifact Missing Since WWII 

New York’s highest court orders return of Assyrian gold tablet to Germany

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