Monday, June 29, 2015

Congratulations To Top 25 Most Popular Copyright Law Blogs Of All Time

Justia's Blawgsearch Ranks the "Most Popular" copyright law blogs.  Out of 89 copyright law blogs listed in total by Justia, here are the top 25 of "all time."  Visiting each one shows you just how alive thinking is in copyright law and how the blogosphere opened up this field of interest to public scrutiny and healthy debate

1. IPKat
2. Plagiarism Today
3. Chilling Effects Clearinghouse
4. Chicago IP Litigation Blog
5. Recording Industry vs. The People
6. Likelihood of Confusion
7. Copyfight
8. Copyright Litigation Blog
9. Copyhype
10. Technolama
11. Photo Attorney
12. Case Clothesed For Fashion Law
13. Excess Copyright
14. Internet Cases
15. Ruling Imagination: Law and Creativity
16. eLegal Canton
17. Hearsay Culture
18. In Between Cases
19. LoTempio Law Blog
20. techblawg
21. IP In Brief
22. Barry Sookman's Copyright IP Computer
24. Nolo Presents The Law In Plain English
25. Blawg IT

Congratulations to all of you for your contributions and thanks to Justia for tracking it all.
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