Monday, October 15, 2012

Cease and Desist Letters in Copyright Litigation CLE October 17

 The West LegalEdcenter
invites you to attend the CLE on
Cease and Desist Letters in Copyright Litigation:
Pitfalls for Practitioners
By Raymond J. Dowd
October 17, 2012 at 1 pm


Via live online format, or accessible up to 180 days after the event.  
Gain one CLE Credit in 33 states for the event
Price per person:
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The program is designed for any practitioners involved in sending cease and desist letters related to any conduct including breach of contract, nuisance, trademark, copyright, domain name, patent and other disputes whether related to intellectual property or not.
Raymond J. Dowd is a partner of Dunnington Bartholow & Miller LLP in New York City, and author of The Copyright Litigation Handbook.


The situation: a client wants a quick and dirty letter but does not want to pay much for it or think too hard on it. Is a cease and desist letter a recipe for a cost-effective settlement? Or will it snowball into a professional embarrassment, with the client getting hit with a lawsuit in an inconvenient forum? Dowd, a seasoned litigator, takes us through the ethical, tactical and strategic considerations and choices to be considered before a practitioner sends a cease and desist letter. What warnings should you give the client before proceeding?
Would it be better to commence a local declaratory judgment action? Why or why not? What is the first-to-file rule and how can a practitioner try to craft a cease and desist letter to best balance the client’s objectives? What are the risks of suit in a foreign jurisdiction by the recipient of a letter and how does one get out of the pickle without getting sanctioned? Is your cease and desist letter going to be publicly mocked by well-organized bloggers who have systematically attacked overreaching by IP owners?
Dowd’s Copyright Litigation Handbook is the first publication to deal seriously with the interplay of cease and desist letters and declaratory judgment actions, devoting attention to case law that rarely reaches the appellate level, but is of critical importance to the life of everyday practitioners.
The New York Law Journal called Dowd’s Copyright Litigation Handbook “an indispensable guide and supplement to the ins and outs of copyright litigation…”. Join us for a lively session on a hot topic. For more information on Copyright Litigation Handbook 2011 ed, please visit the Thomson Reuters Westlaw Store.
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