Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sign Up Now for 7/25 CLE - Copyright Litigation: Preparing the Complaint - Investigation, Analysis and Documentation

Please sign up now for a lunchtime CLE offered by the West LegalEdCenter on Wednesday, July 25.  You can call in from anywhere for this live session and listen from your desk.  Details here.  Course description:

Ray Dowd, author of West’s acclaimed Copyright Litigation Handbook and a partner in Dunnington Bartholow & Miller LLP in New York City will lead us through the process of investigating, analyzing and documenting a copyright litigation from the initial client interview.

Dowd, a seasoned litigator, takes us through a pre-flight litigation checklist designed to avoid potential pitfalls that may arise before a copyright litigation is launched or when your client is sued. Does your client have a case? If so, how well is it documented? Have you reviewed the client’s claims and documents before actually filing the complaint? What evidence do you need before moving ahead?

Does your case belong in federal or state court? This course will cover how to pick the right courthouse, analyze copyright terms, statutes of limitations and how to get an idea of whether attorney’s fees may be available.  Initial considerations from the defendants’ perspective will be considered, together with some potential strategies for quickly finding the holes in your adversary’s case.

Don’t wait until you are in a courtroom to realize that preparing copyright cases requires special attention. Copyright litigation has exploded as the world has become digitized. This course will assist you in navigating potential minefields.

The New York Law Journal called Dowd’s Copyright Litigation Handbook “an indispensable guide and supplement to the ins and outs of copyright litigation…”. Join us for a lively session on a hot topic. For more information on Copyright Litigation Handbook 2011 ed, please visit the Thomson Reuters Westlaw Store here

Practice Areas: Copyright Law, Intellectual Property Law
Online Media Type: Audio
Production Date: 07/25/2012 12:00 PM EDT
Level: Intermediate
Category: Standard
Duration: 1 Hours, 0 Minutes
Online Format: Live

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