Thursday, January 04, 2007

Copyright Restoration Act - Locating Restored Works

Section 104A of 17 U.S.C. restored copyrights in certain foreign works that had fallen into the public domain due to a failure to carry a copyright notice. The restored copyright vests initially in the author or initial rightholder of the work. If an owner intends to enforce the copyright against someone who used the work in the U.S. based on that person's reliance on the work's public domain status, the owner must file a notice with the Copyright Office, which must in turn be published in the Federal Register.

To search the Copyright Catalog to find Notices of Intent to Enforce (NIE), go here.
To get the Copyright Office's Federal Register notices indexed by year and title or subscribe to an RSS feed to get them automatically, go here.To search the entire Federal Register for recent years go here.

To search the Code of Federal Regulations for any number of reasons, go here.

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